14 August 2014

How to | Blogging | {6 Ways to improve your Blog}

I love reading post that can give me tips and ideas. I love reading something that gives me inspiration to write a post. I wanted to share a few things that I find help with blogging and improving your blog. After blogging for a long time its nice to switch things up to give you that inspiration to find new posts or if your just starting out these are the things I would say are most useful things to know.

1} Design
I played about with my designs by myself for the last 5/6years? I have no idea about HTML stuff and it just confuses me like crazy so I would just stick to changing my header on photoshop and playing around with the writing but I recently {as you can probably tell} paid for a design, from someone who knows what they are doing. It was one of them things that I never wanted to pay some one else to do but I am so happy I finally did it. It was definitely worth it and if you look about {something us blogger's are good at doing} you can find some good designs at an affordable price.  

2} Photos
I think one of the most important things on a blog is the pictures and the quality of them, especially now alot of blogger's have amazing cameras that take perfect, big, clear pictures. Its one of the things that makes someone look though your blog, it is for me. If I find a blog with amazing pictures I want to look at them all. A few year ago I don't think it really mattered as much but over the last few years it has definitely changed and with so many blogs now it definitely helps . I'm not saying go out and buy a DSLR, I've always used my phone for pictures! Just make use of the natural light, go near a window.Make your pictures large when you upload them. Get creative :)

3} Social Media
Social media is huge if you want to get your blog seen. I mean who's going to really find your blog if you don't share it? The internet is a huge place so share your blog with your friends on twitter and which ever other sites you feel comfortable sharing your blog on. Talking to people and getting to know other blogger's, it's always nice to have friends who blog too.

4} Organised
I definitely find having things jotted down in a note book helps massively if you have posts planned. Especially for reviews, writing down the dates and notes about the products as you use it is a huge help when you come to writing up posts. Any links you need or main point that you might forget. I had a planner that I used every single day with a check list at the end of the week and I have noticed a big difference since it ran out. {If you know of any good planners let me know}.

5}Find Inspiration
Looking on other blogs makes me want to post. If I see a post that looks pretty, it makes me want to sit down and do something on mine. Watching different TV programmes, going for a walk, look though your make up. If you are ever lacking inspiration just look on Pinterest. Although I would say if you don't have that inspiration, don't write wait until you do. Writing a post on something you don't care about shows and writing the post will feel like its taking forever. I've written posts before and just deleted then and not posted because I just wasn't in the mood. This last year I stopped posting as much as the year before because I had so much other stuff going on and some nights I just didn't have the inspiration about the post I wanted to do.But since changing my design,getting a better camera and getting organised again all I've wanted to do is write. Any free time I have I want to sit and blog and look at other blogs.

6} Blog for YOU!
100% the main thing when blogging is blog for you! If you are blogging or setting up a blog to get freebies it probably wont last and you wont get far. It can take a long time to get your blog going. Companies want to see some content and history to your while scrolling through your blog, only write about things that make you happy or you will lose motivation. For me, it's to look back through the years. Seeing my boys Jake,Cambell and my little girl Emme when they were little. I kind of look at it as an online diary and place to document what I've done. The amount of times I've wanted to use something I know I used in the past but couldn't remember the name I can just look back and find it. I love looking back on favourites posts and finding things that I forgot about and my weekly picture posts to see what I was doing a year ago. 

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  1. Great post! and great tips too. Agree with every single one!


  2. I definitely agree with the last point, I do that with my music. I used to make monthly playlists so if I can't remember a song I always go back from my archive as I have probably blogged about it!

  3. This is a really good post, thank you for these tips!


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