31 August 2014

Evening Walks {Lifestyle}

I've said it many times but I love going out for walks on a summer afternoon. Even though we arn't having the greatest weather it seems to be the nicest around 5-6 in the afternoon. We like to find different places go to keep it fun for the boys. Yesterday we went to the local park but instead of going where we could normally we went around the path at the back of the house tracks. Its much easier with the pushchair, than going around the actual track like we usually do when we go for the long walk round.

I feel like these holidays have gone way too quickly. I love when the boys have time off school. If I could, I would have them home everyday. This time last year I was so nervous about Cambell starting nursery and Jake going into full time as he was very shy. It's so strange how things change, when the boys were younger we would of never of thought we would worry about Cambell at school as he was the louder more confident one and Jake was shy. Now they have switched and Cambell is quieter when he's around people he doesn't know that well.

He's alot like me, If you've ever met me you'll probably notice I'm quite 'shy/quiet' at first then once I know someone I'm the total opposite, which is just how Cambell is. He did start getting alot more confident as he went though nursery and has his best friends.Starting full time mean's alot of change's though so I am definitely feeling nervous about those first few weeks. The full days, having to stay for dinner and learn that routine. He has a new class room/teachers, luckily it's the class room Jake has been in last year so he knows it well. Having PE and getting changed into his kit. They go into the big playground with the older children too which really upset Jake when he started as the school goes up to year 6 so the older boys are alot bigger, they run around and knock into the younger ones by accident which really scared Jake. So that worry's more with Cambell too. 

Wow well I started writing about our little trip out and went off on a totally different subject! 
Where do you go on walks? 
Is your child starting school this year? nursery or full time? What are your thoughts?

Laura x
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