15 August 2014

Day out {Getting caught in the rain}

A few days ago we wanted to get out of the house & go for a walk. I feel like the last few weeks we have just has so much rain we haven't really got to do much. Last week we had bad floods- there were cars that you could only see the roof, they were under that much water! Jason broke down on the way to work too, the car had a pool of water on the floor, luckily it started the next day and just needed an oil change- phew. 

Anyway we decided to go for a walk around a local water park we had a play in the play area then a walk around the lake. The boys loved seeing the ducks and having a run around. Just as we got back to the play area it started it rain so we had a take shelter under the conker tree for a 10 minutes while it stopped which was one of them things the boys will always remember. We wanted to collect a few conkers but unfortunately all the ones that had fallen weren't ready.

It was a fun little trip though we love going for walks. I can't wait until Jason's days off this week to go somewhere. It's nice to get out of the house for a few hours, the kids can have a run about and its free.

Laura x
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