26 August 2014

Braids {Outfit}

I've been loving wearing my hair like this recently. Braid at one side, twisted at the other and tied together at the back. It's so easy and super fast to do{needed with 3 children}. I'm in desperate need of my hair doing at the minute, I just haven't got round it yet. Normally I do it myself or my sister does it for me{she use to be a hairdresser}. I think I'l call round one night this week for her to do it.

I'm hoping to call to Ikea this afternoon to get some shelves for the boys room. I've wanted to do the a little reading corner for so long but they never really had room but now I've moved their room around they have plenty of space. I'd love to do one in Emme's room too but I think I'll wait until she has a big bed up so I can see where they would go best as she has a smaller room.

I really like high waisted jeans at the minute. I find them so much more comfortable than low rise ones. I wish I could remember the name of these so I could buy more.

Blazer {Newlook}
Tshirt {Ark}
Bag {eBay}

Laura x
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  1. Loving your hair and outfit :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

  2. What a gorgeous blazer and I love the boots! x


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