25 July 2014

Summer Fun | The Little Crackers Drinks

Over the last few days the boys... and Emme have been trying out The Little Crackers Drinks *.
 These little drinks are perfect for little ones, especially for the summer time when your going on day trips and playing in the garden. We are heading to the sea side while Jason is off work so these will definitely be coming with us.There four flavours - Blackcurrant and Cherry, Pear and Vanilla, Orange and Lemon and Apple and Raspberry. 

'100% natural pure juice with a 
splash of water....no added sugar.'

The drinks are all natural and school approved. They have gone down a big hit with my 3! Each of the fruits have been given names to make them even more fun for kids..Lilly lemon, cheeky cherry, Billy blackcurrant, Peter pear, Ollie orange, Vicky vanilla, Apple Adam and Ruby raspberry also known as fruit heads.

'1 of your 5 
a day'

I think Apple & Raspberry and Orange & Lemon have been the boys favourites but to be honest I don't think they mind which of the flavours they have. I have just noticed they are being drunk faster than the others. The Orange and Lemon tastes like pure orange juice and is really yummy. The Pear and Vanilla is really refreshing too.I love that it has vanilla, I love everything vanilla and you don't really get many vanilla drinks so I was really excited to give this one a try.

1% of the annual net profits go to Rainbow Trust Charity who supports families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

Cracker drinks can be found at Asda, Tesco, Waitrose , Morrisons 


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  1. they're so cute :)



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