30 July 2014

Pizza Express | Spring Summer Menu

Last weekend Jason and I went on a little dinner date to Pizza Express in York. We had been invited over to try the new Spring/ Summer menu.It had been hot all week but it choose Saturday to rain ... heavily!So we have to make a quick dash for the restaurant from the car park. It would of been lovely to have a walk around the town after but we had a lovely meal together. I'm not sure of the history of the restaurant but it looked like it was in the hall/ ball room of an old house, it was very beautiful. If it had been sunny there was a lovely outside seating area looking over the river. 

It was quite busy when we arrived... it was a Saturday afternoon. The staff were lovely, they came straight over to ask which drinks we would like and gave us a few minutes to look at the menu. 

I normally go for things I've had before...the 'safe option' but I wanted to try new things this time that I hadn't tried before. So for my starter I went for the Leggera Panzanella which was under 250cals. (description below) and Jason went for the Dough balls which he said were really good... I wanted to pinch them they looked so nice!

 'Inspired by the classic Tuscan dish, full of fresh colour and flavour. 
Santos & vine tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, surfine capers and croutons
 marinated with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil and balsamic vinegar.'

For main course I went for the Girardiniera pizza, again something I haven't had before. I usually stick to the safe cheese or cheese and pineapple. It was really good, I have never had artichokes before but wanted to try them. I went for the original crush. (description below). Jason went for the Calzone salami e salsiccia Jason typically likes his meaty pizzas. I don't think this had much meat inside but he cleared his plate.(description below).For sides we went for the Polenta Chips, these were the only thing we both weren't keen on. 
Artichokes, mushrooms, red peppers, marinated santos
tomatoes, leeks, olives, garlic oil, tomato and pesto base


Italian cured meats and crumbled 
fennel & chilli sausage with passata, roasted red and yellow
 peppers, garlic oil, mozzarella, parsley and baby spinach.
'Polenta Chips'
Italian polenta with rosemary, twice baked and finished with Gran Moravia
 cheese, served with honey and mustard dressing

For desert we both went for the Raspberry sorbet.It was sooo good! We are normally too full for desert but id heard from my sister who visited the Leeds restaurant to try out the menu recently that it was amazing. Jason really loved it too. If you go to pizza express you definitely need to try this.  This was under 200 cals.
'Two scoops of lemon curd or dairy-free raspberry sorbet
 served with a chocolate straw and fresh mint'

Overall we have a really nice time at Pizza Express. The Staff were great and the restaurant is beautiful.We would definitely go back again! If you are a student you can get student discount too which is great.

A huge thank you to Pizza Express and Kelly!!

29 July 2014

Summer Fun | Emme's Frist walk on sand | Video

On Sunday we went to spend the day at the sea side while the weather is still nice. We had a great day, the boys had lots of fun on the different rides and Emme had her first walk on sand. If I've ever made videos before I do the as family videos for the boys to watch and for me to look back on when they are older. My mum loves seeing what they have been up to so I have taken some videos off private for my mum to watch so the one of us at the sea side is up too. So you can see what we did HERE
|Video is a homevideo style|
I have lots of posts to come this week, which I can't wait to get up!


25 July 2014

Summer Fun | The Little Crackers Drinks

Over the last few days the boys... and Emme have been trying out The Little Crackers Drinks *.
 These little drinks are perfect for little ones, especially for the summer time when your going on day trips and playing in the garden. We are heading to the sea side while Jason is off work so these will definitely be coming with us.There four flavours - Blackcurrant and Cherry, Pear and Vanilla, Orange and Lemon and Apple and Raspberry. 

'100% natural pure juice with a 
splash of water....no added sugar.'

The drinks are all natural and school approved. They have gone down a big hit with my 3! Each of the fruits have been given names to make them even more fun for kids..Lilly lemon, cheeky cherry, Billy blackcurrant, Peter pear, Ollie orange, Vicky vanilla, Apple Adam and Ruby raspberry also known as fruit heads.

'1 of your 5 
a day'

I think Apple & Raspberry and Orange & Lemon have been the boys favourites but to be honest I don't think they mind which of the flavours they have. I have just noticed they are being drunk faster than the others. The Orange and Lemon tastes like pure orange juice and is really yummy. The Pear and Vanilla is really refreshing too.I love that it has vanilla, I love everything vanilla and you don't really get many vanilla drinks so I was really excited to give this one a try.

1% of the annual net profits go to Rainbow Trust Charity who supports families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

Cracker drinks can be found at Asda, Tesco, Waitrose , Morrisons 


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18 July 2014

Glossybox July 2014 | Stars & Stripes

Themed beauty boxes are my favourite kind of box! I get a tad more excited when I open up the packaging to find a pretty themed box. I love this stars & stripes theme. This is again a great box...Glossybox* are definitely on a roll with great boxes.

From what I have seen, every box this month includes a Bellapierre lipstick (Full Size £20). The one I have is Mandaring which is pretty coraly-orange. I really love the colour and I'm sure I will definitely get lots of wear out of it while the weather is nice.
This Tarte Lights, camera, lashes 4 in 1 mascara was the item that had me most excited this month. I have seen lots of people rave about Tarte. This is the first time I have tired a product from them and I am super happy it is mascara....My favourite make up product. (sample size)

Carmex lip balm. You can never have too much lip balm. Carmex is great and one I have used for years. Another full size product.£2.69p

Absolute New York eyeshadow primer - I am really happy to see this inside this months box. My current eye primer is about to run out so it nice to try a different brand. This is full size at $4.99.

Finally this Color club- Glossy seal nail polish.
This is a glossybox exclusive!
This colour was especially made for this month box.
I like the colour for the colder months I'm sure I will get alot of wear out of it around Christmas time.
Full size $8

Another great month
<3 p="">

17 July 2014

Picture of the week #3

We have had a lot happening this week with it being the last week of school.
. Cambell learnt to ride his bike with 
out stabilisers which made him very 
happy he was telling all the teachers at school.
We have been to 2 school fairs, I have been for 2 school dinners- one with Cambell to he could see what it was like for when he starts in September and with Jake as the school dinners have recently changed so we were invited up to try them. Cambell had his graduation from nursery too with was really nice they were all given a book from the teachers and a certificate.

<3 p="">

6 July 2014

Picture Of The Week #2

I absolutely love this picture of my boys <3 nbsp="">
Ahh how cute do they look!! I love this picture so much!!

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