26 June 2014

Park Fun...

I love taking these little beauties to the park, we normally call before Cambell goes to school on an afternoon as it is right next to the school. Emme absolutely love the swings, once she on there is no getting her out! We used to have a baby swing in the garden when the the boys were little but I think we gave to Jason's mum for his little sister but I'm thinking we should get a new one for her. 
Cambell just goes crazy and runs around to ever different thing with his friends. I can not wait until the summer holiday start, I love the boys being home and being able to go out on days out. I have lots planned for this summer. We really want to go back to Isle of Wight again but its going to be hard working out a date to go now with the boys both being in full time school in September and Jason can only have his set 18 days off after 7 Shift sets so he cant pick his holiday dates :(.  


1 comment:

  1. Boo :( I'm sure you'll manage to have a lovely summer anyway but I hope you manage to sort out a holiday x


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