15 June 2014

Our days out - Tropical world

We love taking the boys and Emme on days out, when we have days when we are all at home we try going out and doing something together. We have taken them to Tropical world a few times as its not that far from us, they love it and its very affordable to get in. There's lots of different animals for them too see from butterfly's to snakes and meerkats . Its lovely too have a walk outside to they have lovely grounds and there is a big park across they road with play area.

It is super hot and humid inside so I prefer to go on warmer days when you have shorts and t-shirt on or something. We've been a few times in winter and it feels so stuffy when you have jeans and jumpers on. 

It was really good for the boys to learn about the different animals, they have little boards with facts about each amimal and where they are from which was great for them to read.

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