21 June 2014

More Videos...

I feel like I have been ill for so long! I went to the dentist for a filling and ended up with the work tooth ache for about 3 weeks, I had to have antibiotics and I'm not having to have to tooth out because it caused an abscess under my tooth. Ugh. Then for the last two weeks I have had tonsillitis which was just great! I'm finally feeling better and catching up on everything I have been wanting to catch up on. I have lots of great posts to do and an amazing fake tan giveaway coming up.
I cant remember if I have mentioned it on here at all but I know I have had lots of advice from everyone on instagram/twitter about the problem we have had with Cambell's place in reception for September but basically when I sent the application form off last year they never received it so I've also been trying to sort that out. We wanted him to stay at the same school he has been at for the last two years with his brother as I obviously couldn't get to two school at the same time everyday but thankfully its all been sorted and he has a place!!
I have been so busy with The Bow Boutique too, it's nearly our 1st birthday so that is super exciting for us! We have a stall at a fair in a few weeks so we are getting things sorted for that too and hoping to do The Baby and Toddler show again in September. 
I was watching all our old videos last night with the boys and it made us want to go back to Isle of Wight NOW! I can't wait to book again, we try to go every year. It's such a nice place to take the kiddy's and Jason has family down there so he has been going since he was little. All the random Christmas videos we did were so nice to look back on too, makes me wish id of kept it up and done it everyday. The boys look so young, I'm so glad we have them. I do them as family videos so that when they are older they can look back on then like the ones I have from when I was little but we all agreed that we need to do more of them now as I don't have too many really recent ones so as soon as I have a new phone charger I'm going to start..... I hate iphone chargers! I've been through so many.



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