2 May 2014

Nona Box | April

This box is 100% the best I've had so far.Lots of good products have been included this month.
We have 7 full size items and they are all great! One thing with the Nona boxes though is that I've never had one that fits Emme's age/gender. Last month we got a blue newborn vest and hat set... it was a lovely set but wasn't a fit for Emme. This months box is a boy themed box but every thing is still usable for Emme so I don't think she will mind the blue.
I absolutely love the design on the dummy that was included, it looks so pretty and says 'I love mummy' I really like the mint colour of it. Emme loves it.
Next is a snooze baby comfort tag blanket. I know Emme will love this as she always had a blanket in her hand.
Mega blocks first builder buddy, again a boy but I'm sure she will play with it just as much & her brother will enjoy it too. I bought her a big mega blocks set at Christmas so this will be great for that.
Plum organic pouch, Emme loves these fruit pouches i have had a few before for while we are out, they are prefect to pop in your bag for a little snack while out and about.
Box of Plums Little Yums nibbly wafers, we have a few packs of these already, again great to take out. They are great especially if you have a younger baby who is just starting out with food.
Organic babies baby wash and shampoo. Always good to have, it smells of lavender which isn't my favourite scent but I love that it's organic.
Arbonne Intelligence cream I've never heard of this before but I'm looking forward to testing it out.

Overall i think this is a great box, lots of things Emme can try out. I really like when these boxes include little snacks. 


Those little fingers wanted that pouch haha

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