30 May 2014

Favourite Mac Lipsticks

I have been sorting though my make up this week and re-discovering old favourites. I feel like I don't wear lipstick as often anymore since I've been up and out of the house for the school runs. Although I definitely like to find one out on a weekend or when we are going out. I have that feeling of wanting to go out and buy massive amounts of make up at the minute and get everything new. I wanted to show a few of my favourite Mac lipsticks although I know theirs a million different blogs/yt videos about them. I have so many dotted around the house and in different bags but these are some of the best (including creme d' nude and lady gaga).

Myth - Myth was the first mac lipstick I ever purchased (obviously this is a newer one) wayyy back when I first discovered youtube- maybe even before blogs. It's the perfect nude lipstick and I still love it just as much. It is a pinky toned nude with a creamy satin finish.

Archetype- This one is really pretty on and it has more of a shine look like you have lipgloss on too. It is more of a yellowy tone rather than pinky like myth and it has a lustre finish.

Laugh a lot- This is one I haven't worn quite as much as the other too (along with blankety*not shown here*) although it is a pretty colour, I find is a little dark for me. It does look lovely with a gloss over to brighten it up.This is more of a plummier pink and again a lustre finish.

Ravashing- I was so happy to get this one, it is more of a peachy/orange with warm undertones - lovely for summer. This one has a luminous finish.

Angle - Another biggie in the blogging/YT world. I can totally see why... I have 2! It is a light/medium rosy pink and is so beautiful on.  It is a lovely natural looking colour. Frost Finish.

St Germain- This along with lady gaga is my favourite brighter pink shade. I wore this everyday for so long. It had a blue undertone and is opaque. Again lovely with a glossy over- I really want the St Germain gloss. Amplified creme finish.

Impassioned- A huge favourite for nights out. This is more of a neony coral/red. It is creamy and easy to apply with a amplified creme finish.

I have so many other mac lipstick I want to purchase, the list is never ending! 
Which is your favourite lipstick?
Is there any you would recommend? 

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