10 April 2014

Pretty in pink

I have been having some trouble with my laptop recently so it has been really hard to try and get the posts that I want to do up.For some reason my 'a' key will not work which makes it pretty difficult to write posts up. Jason is on his 18 days off from today so he's going to sort it for me wohooo. Marathon blogging session for me! I have so many fun things to share! I went for an amazing meal in Leeds, found a great face tanner, my favourite candles & some really amazing happening with my store (The Bow Boutique).   

Today however, how cute does Emme look all ready for the warm weather?! I heard we are ah in a 6 week heat wave from next week?! Anyone know if that's true? I love Emme's little jelly shoes I think they are so cute, this was the first time she has worn them so she was amazed by them and they were only £4!! Her feet seem to be growing like crazy recently, I though these would last for the summer but I think she might need the sizes up by the time summer actually comes.

I'm not sure how this post will look once it's up as I've never used the app to do it before, hopefully it looks ok so I can use it more when I want to share some pictures.


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