28 March 2014

Weekly Advertiser #001

There's so many blogger's out there now that I thought I'd start to share with you a different blogger or two each week.I used to do posts like this a while ago and really enjoyed it. They will some how have to fit the style of my blog by been rather beauty, lifestyle or mummy related. Naturally I asked Jessica to complete the first post to show what each weekly advertiser will be writing about.

01. Tell us about your blog?
I mainly focused around the lifestyle side of blogging with little bit of everything else thrown in.. there's wide variety for anyone to relate with. I find lifestyle blogging the most interesting to write about because everyone has different lifestyles so you'll never find two the same.
02. Why and when did you start blogging?
I created PeachyNotes around one year ago. Like most people I'd began from reading other blogs before creating my own. I needed a hobby at the time of creating my blog and now its just something I really enjoy spending my time doing, I love the social side of blogging talking and meeting other people. I've wrote a post here about why I became a blogger. 
03. What are three things people may not know about you?
  • I've been the beauty specialist at Superdrug and I'm now the skincare expert at The Body Shop.
  • I've attempted to go blonde in the past and failed, Its taken three years to grow my hair back this long! 
  • Although I love everything beauty and skincare related my collection is rather small.
04. What's your everyday style like?
I'm normally wearing skinny jeans with just a plain top, then my leather jacket or chunky knitted cardigan thrown over, Also I tend to stick to the simple colours like black, grey and white. My footwear ages between boots and pumps, depending on the weather.
Any Last Words?
I hope you click over and visit my blog, I've added some pictures above to show you that kinds of post you'd see over there, thanks for reading!
If you'd like to advertise on next weeks post,  follow me over on bloglovin' and leave a comment below, every week I'll read through and pick one or two people from the comments left, Hope you enjoyed this post and find lots of new blogs to read!

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