12 March 2014

Emme's 14 Month Update

My little baby has just turned 14 month old!! So crazy! She is growing and learning so much everyday. She has been walking since around Christmas time and she's getting very confident now, today she was running around the room with her ride on but instead of using it to help her she was just dragging it around, jumping and picking it up. She can say a few words and is eating everything we do so far she hasn't been a very fussy eater. She still sleeps through the night and has a nap at around 12 until 2-3 while her brothers are at school. She is wearing 12-18 month clothes and still has some 9-12, both the boys were in sizes bigger than there ages when they were little so i was surprised Emme was still fitting in her clothes longer.
She has the most amazing personality, very happy, fun,cheeky little princess. She loves books, we read the ones with the flaps so she can pick them up or the ones with the different materials on so she can touch them and see how they all feel different, she will pick them up and come sit on my knee as soon as she spots a book.

Laura xx

1 comment:

  1. She is getting so big now! Feels like only yesterday you announced you were pregnant! xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door


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