12 February 2014

Mummy Tag..

I love tags, i haven't done one in a while and i saw this one the other day so thought i would join in :).

1. Are you a stay at home mum, or a working mum?
I'd say both, I have my own business (with my sister) but we do it from home so i'm always home. Which is how i like it, i know everyone is different and alot of mums like to go out to work and that works for them. My mum was always at home when i was little and my dad went out to work, i loved her always been there so i always wanted to do the same luckly Jason has a great job so i could do that but now i have the boutique its nice to do it from home.

2. Would you have it any other way?
I love it how it is at the minute and would never want to change it. I wouldn't ever want someone else looking after my children.

3.Do you co-sleep?
No. I've always been to scared by it from everything you get told. I have let Emme fall to sleep in my bed cuddling if im watching a film but then when i go to sleep i put her back in her cot that is next to my bed (having a harder time putting her in her own room than i did with the boys)

4. What is your one must have item for your baby?
Emme had a blanket she carrys around with her and sleeps with, its's like a muslin cloth i used to use when i fed her when she was first born instead of a bib and because we had alot and i used them all the time she seems to have took to it as her comfort blanket now.So that is something that is our must at the minute she wouldn't be happy if it went. I think its so cute though. Cambell has always had a little dog teddy her loves and sleeps with too.

5.How many kids do you plan on having?
I think i would like one more, so 4. 

6.Date nights? How often do you have them?
Erm, We don't go out often at all really but we will sit down stairs and watch a film together on a night and there's a few tv show's  we watch together every week so we still get 'us' time.

7.Your Child's favourite show?
Her first favourite was the film Mistletones and she now really love Mary Poppins. She loves music!!

8.Name one thing you bought before your baby but never used.
Clothes there were newborn clothes that didn't get worn and we ad a bottle that warmed the milk up itself we didn't really get any use out of that as it was to heavy. I'm sure there was more with Jake but i cant really remember i think when you get to baby no3 you know what you will actually use and what things are just pointless.

9.Child favourite food?
Bananas and she really likes bread in soup at the minute.... and porridge.

10.How many cars soes your family have?
1 now we did have two but i sold mine last year. I'm hoping to get another one though.

11.weight gain.Before, during and after?
I only gained 1 stone when i was pregnant with Emme. I couldn't believe it with the boys i definitely put on more but i just didn't seem to with Emme. I lost that pretty much as soon as she was born as she was 9lb1oz.. Although i wasn't happy with my weight before i fell pregnant. I'm 3lb off my first goal at the minute but i would like to lost at least another stone.

12.Dream holiday with kids?
We love going to the Isle Of wight but my dreammmm holiday would be Disney Land as they would absolutely love it!

13. Dream holiday without the kids.
ohh some where super warm with white beaches and blue clear sea.

14.How has your life changed since having kids?
Quite a lot before i used to work in a clothes shop before i got pregnant and saw my friends alot more, but i love my life so much more now.

15. Finish the sentence 'It makes my heart melt when...'
They tell me they love me or when Emme just foes something cute, shes always doing things to make me melt! Also looking back at old videos ahhh ive been looking at ones from when Jake was little ekkk his voice was so cute! 

16.Where do you shop for your kids?
Next. I love there kids section so much.

17.Favourite make up and skin care product.
Mac Face and body foundation and soft and gentle skin finish. Skin care probably Liz Earle cleanser.

18.Huggies or Pampers?
Pampers always leaked so i founf huggies best for when they were small but we always used Little angels when they got bigger because they are the only ones i have tried that have never leaked! So much better than both pampers and huggies!

19.Have you always wanted kids?
Yes! Always! It is the best thing in the whole world.

20.Best part of being a mum?
Every single thing about it! I love it so much.

I tag everyone :)

Laura xx

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