4 February 2014

Looking Back ...

Sometimes its fun looking back through old pictures and seeing how much you've changed. The other night I called to see my sister and we decided to get the family photo albums out. Some pictures were a tad too embarrassing to post online, My sister had the dodgy full fringe growing up, she was a total tomboy and always wore her hair up. Mines was going through that stage in high school and basically gluing my hair back with gel and the two little bit dangling down the side.. we've all been there. 
Its strange how much we get on now thinking about how much we argued as children and its gets harder trying to find photos of us any older than these ones. It wasn't until I moved out that we started getting along better and she was constantly at my house and wanting to sleepover all the time. Now we normally speak, text or facetime each other everyday. I think we just liked to wind each other up and though it was funny...and to get each other in trouble....i always won ;) 
The pictures when we were little are (i think) from our holiday in Devon and the bottom are at some blog meet ups we've been to. Jessica also has her own blog PeachyNotes before that she has a different one called Jessicaleigh but she has a lot of trouble with the,passwords not working and not telling her do things properly so shes started fresh :) 

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