4 January 2014

Emme's 12 month update!! OMG!

Emme will be 12 month on Monday!! How crazy is that?! I really can't believe its been a year already. It feels like she has only been born 2 minutes but then it feels like she has always been with us, if you have children im sure you know what i mean. She has such a fun personality, she just make you happy all the time. She has been such a good baby, she eats great, never fussy about what she has. She has always slept through the night since she was a few week old, for the first week or two she woke at 5 or 6 for a bottle so i suppose shes slept through since the beginning.
She is currently wearing 9-12 clothes,  she is the first one to actually be in the size clothes for her age the boys were always in a bigger size.
She is in size 4 nappy's.
She eats most things , she not fussy at all.
She loves her blankets and carry's them everywhere.
She loves holding them up over her face to plat peek a boo.
She will sat up in the middle of the room by her self.
She took on little step twice a few nights ago when i was sat infront of her but that's it.
She easily walks around the room holding on to the sofa so i don't think it will be long now till she starts. I'm pretty sure she will be walking before the boys did s the we about 15 month.
She loves music so so much, if there is a song on she stops at watches it till it ends.
She loves Disney films over Christmas we have been watching Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, mistle tones, sound of music and a few others. 

Laura xxx

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  1. She is beautiful! Happy 12 months Emme, it really does fly. My baby boy will be one next month, I could cry, time really goes by so quickly.

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com


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