3 January 2014

Birthdays, face painting & fun

Today is Jason's Birthday :). The boys love birthdays so were really excited to put his banners up, balloons out and bake cupcakes. We made them blue with blue icing this year. I've got pink got Emme's birthday on Mondays aswell. Jason's on days today so we are going to have a little party when he gets home....party been him me and the kiddies eating cake then me and Jason watching a film lol. 
I've been trying to get everything ready for Emme's birthday on Monday, i can't believe shes nearly 1!  
She has a Princess cake with a tiara on the top and ive got her some more Disney dolls to add to her little collection, i love the animator ones and the soft dolls.
The boys got face paints for Christmas so they've been having there faces painted everyday.


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