31 May 2013

The Friday Chaos Blog hop..

This week im co-hosting the Friday Chaos Blog hop. I've enjoyed joining in with the blog hop and im really happy to have the chance to co-host on lauraemma.com. I've found some great blog's through joining in so hopefully you can too. If you haven't joined in a hop before, add your blog to the link and find yourself some fab new reads! 

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Have fun! 

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30 May 2013

John Frieda | Everlasting Blonde Giveaway...

Seeing as though my last giveaway was baby related i though it only fair this time around i do a beauty related giveaway! I have 5 sets of the new John Frieda Everlasting to giveaway. I have always used the John Frieda blonde shampoo, i love how soft it makes my hair. If ive had full blonde hair or highlights its always great to make the blonde last longer. If your interested in reading my last post on the Sheer blonde moisture range you can find it here. As i have five sets to giveaway i will give four away on here and i will run a twitter giveaway for one set so make sure to follow me at @lora_505 to enter that too. You can enter both on here and on twitter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kiddy Fun | Easy 3 step D.I.Y Play dough...

I love doing different crafts with my boys. They love making things and its fun to find different activity's to keep them entertained while its raining outside and they cant play in the garden. This is something i used to do when i was little and i always loved it so i knew the boys would. My nana would always make this up if we had nothing to do. Its so fast to do and so much fun. This recipe is probably the easiest and fastest one although it doesn't last as long as others. I would throw this away at the end of the day or you can always put your kiddies creations in the oven and they will go hard so they can keep them a little longer (what i used to do). With other recipes we've done they can last up to 3 month if you keep them wrapped up when there not being used. I like to add colouring and glitter to them but il do a post on that later. 
To make this simple play dough you only need three ingredients you will probably already have in your kitchen. The longer its played with the better the dough is. 

What You Need
 1/4 Cup Salt
 1/4 Cup Water
 1 Cup Flour 

Mix the salt and flour together and add the water then mix*or let your little one* then knead and squeeze the dough until its like a clay. You might need to add more water as you go but add a tiny amount so it doesn't get too watery.

Have Fun!

29 May 2013

The Hunton Family...

Family Poster | From £24.99

I've been looking for some new wall art for our living room for a while and when i came across this on find-me a-gift.com i thought it was perfect. If you have read my other posts you will know i am big on personalised things so this was perfect i love it so much. I feel like its something you can have hanging in your home forever. I feel like having personalised items like this around your home just make it feel more homely and unique. When ordering your poster you get to choose 30 dates/names/messages up to 70 characters each. Then you can pick the size, colour of the background and colour of the fame (if you want a frame) so the price depends on the size you choose and if you have it framed or not. The only thing i would change about mine is i would add more words, on some of the options i just put one word but if you used up the 70 characters you could fit so much more on and i think it would look even better. Although it does get hard thinking of so many different things. I love this so much it would be the perfect gift, if you are struggling for gift idea definitely check out the site there is lots of different options and you can never go wrong with something that's personalised .

28 May 2013

Cute Mint Phone Case...

How cute is this mint case?! I love it. Im totally addicted to everything mint, its my favourite colour. I recently got the iphone 5 as it was time to upgrade my phone and the iphone 5 was cheaper than my iphone 4...yup! So my personalised case i had with my little cuties on didn't fit no more so i had to quickly find a new one. Good old ebay! I just searched 'mint phone case' and found this one for 99p including p&p!!! It took about a week to arrive which was really good i was expecting it to be longer. I love it, you can get loads of different colours so i think i might order a few more.

23 May 2013

My addiction | Tassimo t40...

Tassimo T40 | £119

I am a huge coffee/ tea lover and ive always wanted to have one of these machines. I recently got the Tassimo T40 and totally fallen in love with it. It is so simple to use and it makes the perfect tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The amazing thing about this is that it knows exactly what its doing just by reading a bar code on the t disks and makes the drink perfectly from the amount of water, the temperature it should be at and the brewing time needed. All you have to do is pop in the t disk you want and let the machine work out how its made. It is so fast too, i couldn't believe how fast it actually makes the drink you literally switch it on pop it disk in and press the button and it makes the drink with boiling water in seconds. Once the machine has made your drink you also have the option to add more water after if you feel you need it, maybe if you've made a coffee and don't want it as strong as its suppose to be which is a great feature.At the minute i have tea and coffee t disks but ive been looking on the Tassimo website and im going to order some Costa t disks aswell as some milk creamers and hot chocolate, you can also get these from your local supermarkets.Jason has been loving it too as he sets it of as he is getting his things ready for work on a morning and grabs his ready made coffee as he's leaving. 

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22 May 2013

Day Trip | Seaside | Bridlington ...

I've been wanting to get these pictures of our trip to the seaside up since we got back and today im finally getting them up. We had a fab time the boys loved it although it was super busy because we went on the bank holiday Monday aghhhh never again.... we normally stay at home on back holidays because every where is so busy but we had promised the boys we would go to the sea side and it was the last day we could go before they were back at school. The shops and rides were way to full so we just found a quiet part of the beach and the boys built their sand castles and collected pebbles.Getting there and back too about twice as long if not longer than normal but it was worth it :) We went to stop with some family at the weekend and they live really close to the sea although we didn't get to go to the beach at it was raining, ugh. Actually thinking about it most of Jason's family lives near a beach lol when we go to stay at his uncle's they live in Hornsea around the corner from the beach and other family live on the Isle of wight ( we go again in September eeekkk).
Where are you going on holiday this year?
Have you been to the Isle of wight before? We love it!

19 May 2013

She did it :) ....

19 Week Old Today

We have had a busy weekend *will post pictures tomorrow*. On Friday went up to Peterlee to stay with Jason's cousin. It was there little girls birthday on Saturday, her party was at Fun shack which is huge for a kids play area so the boys loved it. We got home last night and today ive spent having a mega clean! - Fun!Anyway the main reason for today's post... Emme rolled over for the first time :) eeekkk. It's so exciting seeing her learn new things although it's scary at the same time, shes growing up so fast. I really cant believe hoe fast time is going! She's 19 weeks today how crazy is that! Jason was so gutted he missed it he put his name down to do an overtime shift today so he was supposed to be off.

17 May 2013

D.I.Y Hair Wraps | Summer Fun....

Who say's there just for kids hehe....
A few days ago i remembered about these hair wraps....I can't remember what we used to call them?! and thought it would be fun to do a post on them as we are coming into summer. There great to add a bit of colour and something a bit different! If you have a daughter or little sister I'm sure they would love them too.I remember when I was little I would do them for all the kids on the street,  I was the oldest and knew how to do them so everyone would want them done. Did you do them or did you just have them when you went on holiday? These and having your whole hair plaited in a million tiny plait's was the coolest thing.I can definitely say I will not be re-living the head of plait's! Even though there super easy I thought I'd go through how I did it....

1. Pick out the colours you want ,cut them 2 or 3 times as long as your hair.
2. Pick a small section of hair. I go for somewhere in the middle not too close to the hair line so the top isn't on show if you put your hair up.
3. Tie them together then tie them around the top of your section of hair.
4. Hold your hair with the strands of string your not using together and wrap the colour you want around all the rest.
5. If you want a base colour then a different colour wrapped over keep the colour  you want to do over the base colour out when you start wrapping then when you've finished the base you can wrap the top colour over until its back with the rest. *see in first picture*. 
6. Once you've reached the bottom of your hair i just halved the colour's and tied them in a knot and cut the extra off. you can add a bead to the end before you tie it off too. I used to love putting bright colour beads on the end.

Have fun...

16 May 2013

ImPRESS Nails | Vamp it up...

Found this picture o me wearing them so thought i would include it :

ImPRESS | £8.99

I recently tried out these Vamp it up nails from Impress nails. To start with i wasn't to keen on this design i thought it was a bit much for everyday *they would be perfect for a holiday somewhere hot*, although once they were on i actually thought they looked ok and they grew on me. I had heard nothing but good things about Impress, my sister had got some at the same time and applied her's a few days before me and she was really loving them (see her review here) so i was expecting great things. I picked my nail sizes lined them up then prepped my nails with the wipe that comes in the back of the pack. Once thats done all you have to do is peal the back of the nail off and stick it on. At first i was really *Impress* with how secure they felt on my nails. After a few hours i could feel them moving around slightly at them base of my nail but i carried on hoping that was just normal and they would stay on. All was fine after that and it wasnt till two days later i lost one of the nails as it had become too lose. The rest of the nails stayed on until the 4th day when they just felt uncomfortable and loose so i just took them off. For me i would say these are great if you have an event to go too and need a quick amazing looking nail that looks like you've had acrylics. 
ImPRESS say they last upto 7 days which i think if you prep your nails right and look after them you could get close to that i think jessica got around 5/6 days. I think the main reason mine didn't last as long and became loose faster is because i have my hands in water alot washing up .... oh the glamour lol.
I have a set of the French manicure design im going to wear this weekend as we are going away for the night to stay with family and to a party so i will update on how long these ones last as i should have my hands wet as often ha.

There are 24 nails in 12 sizes so you can find the best fit for each nail. In the back of the pack there is a wipe to clean and prep your nails with before you apply. - Easy!

15 May 2013

lauraemma.com | Please comment if this post shows up on your dash..

Yesterday was a big day for Laura's Beauty & lifestyle blog. I finally plucked up the courage to get my own domain....Welcome lauraemma.com whoooo! I've been wanting to do it for so long but ive always been scared of something going wrong and losing my blog after working so hard on it for the last few years. The last time i was thinking of doing it i saw a few others had and when they were speaking about it over twitter they were saying they had a few problems with GFC and posts not showing up on dash boards which was losing them views etc which put me off and i just thought i would leave it and stick to blogspot. Until yesterday when i looked into it again and just decided to go for it. Surprisingly it was super easy and done in a few minutes. I was going to leave it a few days without posting while to change over was complete because i don't want to post and it be missed so this post today is to see if im showing up on your blogger dash. If it is or isn't could you please comment and left me know either way. 

Thank you!

13 May 2013

Getting out...

Now the weather's getting a bit better i love to get out of the house whenever i can. Jason started back at work today after having his 18 days off that he gets after every 7 sets. Which means its back to walking to school while he's on days. I was actually quite looking forward to it and getting back into my usual routine. I've decided i am going to walk everyday and stop using the car. Hopefully it will help me get to my goal weight and the hill we have to go up is quite big. The weather was crazy this morning one minute it was sunny the next it was raining really bad. Luckily we didn't get caught in it! After school the sun was out so instead of going straight home we decided to go for a walk round the lake. Its only a few minutes from our house and it has a few ducks so its fun for the boys to go and see.

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