13 December 2013

Tiddley Pom

Emme was recently very kindly sent some Tiddley Pom* products to try out. I love baby products and finding the best things to use on Emme, i look for things that will be kind to her skin, things that all really stong smelling make me worried they will bring her out in a rash. I love that the Tiddley Pom range organic. Their range is designed for helping develop baby's senses with aromatherapy, music and massage. Emme loves a good massage while shes having her cream on. We received step one. three and four. Step two is the massage oil that is great for after a bath. 
I've been using the range on Emme for a while now and its been great so far the only thing i don't like is the smell of the body wash but that purely a personal thing, i hate lavender but i know alot of people love it and it is great for helping you sleep and relax. 
Bath Wash - £9.99
Soothing Lotion - £8.99
Nappy Balm - £7.99

Laura xx

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