18 December 2013

Free message from santa....

Last year i used the Portable North Pole website to made video for the boys.I uploaded a video to my youtube of the boys watching it last year, i love when i get things on video that we can look back on. So jealous of daily vloggers i would absolutely love to do that, how good would it to be able to look back at when you were growing up or your parents! I couldn't wait to do there videos again this year i had been checking the website since the begging of November.
I wanted to do this post incase anyone hasn't heard about the videos you can get for your little ones....and they are free!! You put in your child's name, age, if they are good or bad etc and a picture then you will be sent the video for them to watch. It done amazingly and very professionally its quite surprising you can get it for free.There are some options to get more scenes, phone calls and letters etc which do charge.
The boys got so excited this year when they realised what it was and were answering when Santa said different things about them....they thought it was amazing that he knew everything about them ;).
We have some phone calls ready for the boys but i think im going to save them for Christmas eve to make them super excited :) xxx

If you do want to get any of the payed options you can use the code  BLG20BKP for 20% off.

Laura xxx

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