6 December 2013

Emme's 11 Month Update...

I can not believe Emme is one next month, this year has gone so fast!! My baby is growing up so quick. 
She has just started standing up and balancing on her own, she will walk when she is holding on to something like her cot, she will walk around there easily and if shes holding on the the sofa or toys to help her balance but she just getting use to balancing her self now.
She loves looking at herself in the mirror she will wave and get all excited. Shes always shouting daddy and will crawl as fast as she can up to him when he gets home from work.As its nearly Christmas we've had alot of Christmas films on and she absolutely loves Mistletones, She will sit and stare all the way through dancing when the songs come on. Its so cute! She will get excited when she see's the boys now and will crawl over and play with them which is really cute.
She still sleeps through the night from round 7-8 until 7 when we get up to take the boys to school. Then naps once or twice depending what we are doing. On a normal school day she will nap on an afternoon when we have taken cambell to nursery until about half 2 when we get ready to go pick them up. 
She has 7oz bottles of milk still about 3-4 times a day. One when she wakes up, one before her nap and one at bedtime.
She wear's size 4 nappys and is in 9-12 month clothes.
Her muslin cloths tht i have used since she was born when she was having her bottles have now become her comfort blankets she loves them and will carry them every where! If her hands are full of them and she finds another she will carry it in her mouth. If she gets tired she will find one to nap with.
We put our Christmas tree up on the 30th November,ready for advent calender and our elf on the shelf to come out on December 1st and surprisingly Emme hasn't tried to take anything of it! She doesn't bother with it at all which is amazing lol 

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Laura xx


  1. Is it really that time already, she's nearly one?? Wow does that time fly. She's so adorable, and growing up so fast!! Time goes so fast, it needs to slow down!!! :) X

  2. Aww she is beautiful, these pictures are gorgeous! xx



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