15 November 2013

Christmas, Disney, Instagram!!

Ahh i feel like ive been so busy this week! I've been so busy with the website and kiddys. I've been trying to focus on getting Christmas presents sorted too..slowly getting there! I'm now addicted to the Disney store I've order from the website twice (and will be again tonight as they didn't have something instore) and I've been to the store twice this week! It just so fun and magical in there at Christmas, especially now i have boys and a girl i could just go crazy! I'm really getting into everything Christmas now and cant wait until December so i can get all the decorations out! 
I have a few blog post ready to go up this week as we've been trying out some new goodies

If you are on instagram add me!! I'm addicted and on there posting pictures all the time :) My name is @lauraemma77 

laura xxx

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