10 October 2013

The Body Shop- Youth Drops ...

The Body Shop | £22.00

I love The body Shop products, I've always used their body butters, soaps etc... the vanilla perfume is amazing!When i heard about the Nutriganics Drops of Youth from The Body Shop i couldn't wait to try it out. 
The organic range has been created to help the first signs of ageing which is perfect for me at the minute*crys*. It helps to enhance the surface skin to help it look smoother and healthier.Stem cells have a bit of a reputation for medical reasons and preventing ageing which is what the drops of youth contains. 99% of the indigence included in the drop are organic.
Since i have been using the serum i have already notice a difference in my skin,it feels alot more hydrated and moisturised. My skin type is quite dry so the first thing i look for when buying a  moisturiser/ serum is how hydrating it is. I'm really happy with this one at the minute, its doing great things for my skin. It definitely feels smoother and healthier.

The bottle is quite expensive at £22 but a little does go along way so i can see it lasting me a while.



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    1. Its been really good so far :) best thing ive tried in a while! xx

  2. Lovely post :) might have to give these a try!

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    1. Its really good, defo worth trying :) x


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