18 October 2013

#SpookyFruits Competiton

 AlexandAlexa are running a #SpookyFruits blogger competition on their website to win so many great Halloween prizes which would be amazing for the boys to win so we had to take part! I love doing crafty things with the boys so i knew they would love this...what boys don't like to make spooky things! There three chances to win too as there is a first, second and third place. Included in first and second is two Halloween costumes!
When i told the boys about it they were really excited, this morning we went to get lots of different fruit we could use...we actually ended up finding a fruit we hadn't tried before and now love!
Cambell made a spider from blueberries, plum, tooth picks and almonds as eyes which he loved doing, while eating half of the blueberrys, it kind of went...one for spider...one for Cam..He also made some Creepy teeth from apples and almonds.
Jake went straight for the persimmons and gave it a face then filled it with grapes. He loves doing pumpkins for Halloween and the persimmons looks like a mini pumpkin so he loved it! Then Jake wanted to scoop all the pineapple out and it had grapes, blueberries and spiders crawling out of its mouth. 
The Boys both had so much fun doing this and the competition is still open until the 24th October if you want to enter. 



  1. Wow, these are so great! I love them all, the spider is brilliant though! I look forward to doing this with Ozzy when he's bigger! xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

    1. The spider was cambell's favourite to do :) ... he ate half the blueberrys while doing it lol xx

  2. This looks great I can't wait to do things like this with Sienna! :) X

    1. Thanks hun :) ahh its so much fun she will love it xx

  3. This looks amazing!! Good Luck hunny
    Lotte xo


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