8 October 2013


Just before Jake started full time school i couldn't decided if it would be better to have him on school dinners or make him packed lunches. He is a really fussy eater and i knew there would rarely be something on the school menu he would eat.... especially after seeing the example menu so we went with packed lunches. I wanted to get him one that would keep his food nice and fresh but i also wanted one he could hold the handle. I ended up going with a Munchkin lunch box and a Monsters inc one to put this inside of so he could carry it. 
He love's the munchkin one as it comes with its own spoon and folk which he thinks is amazing. It has a big section for a sandwich and then about it is another section where you can have to holders to put some fruit in to keep it nice and fresh or remove them to put something bigger in. Depending on what hes taking that day i can decided if i want them in or out which is great. 
The box itself is microwaveable and freezer safe. It's also dishwasher safe and bpa free.

If your looking for a lunch box for you little one this is a great one to look for. I'm going to get the pink one for Emme for when we go out so i can take her some snacks :)

Laura xx

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