30 October 2013

Mummy & Me ....

Don't you just love accidental photos. Cambell had my phone and snapped this of me and Emme, his finger covers the side of the photo but i love it. I've woke up in one of them moods where you just want to sit and blog all day! My sister stayed over last night *shes still snoring* which the boys love. We are going to be doing Jake and Cambells Pumpkins today.It's such a fun activity to do even though it can get quite messy! This is my post from their first pumpkins in 2011! It has become a little tradition that we all sit around the table and do out pumpkins together every year, i never really did them when i was little. Our other Halloween tradition is that we all meet up at my mums. Me, all my sister's and their little ones then we go around trick or treating together. The street we grew up on isn't very big, its just like on big circle and most people have lived there years so they saw us grow up.
What do you do on Halloween?
It seems to have come around really fast this year, i haven't even had chance to watch Hocus Pocus yet!


1 comment:

  1. aww that top photo is lovely, it looks like a professional photo too
    I'm having one of those sit and blog all days too :)

    x x x


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