26 October 2013

Haunted Halloween House | Scary Spider!

The Boys broke up for half term yesterday. Jake's first term at big school done already! I bought them a Haunted ginger bread house for them to do so they had alot of fun putting all the sweets on and making it look spooky. Then as soon as they were done they broke it up to share and ate it haha. We always get the Christmassy one for them to do i think its a nice little tradition for them that they will remember when they are older. I remembered to get their pumpkins early this year instead of searching everywhere closer to the night. There did seem to be lots about still this year thought..have you got yours yet? I started baking the seeds from them for a little snack for them after. So we still have that to do this week, i didn't want to do it too early incase it went smelly!
ohh my gosh... funny story for you today!
I saw a huge spider on the floor next to our hoover so i shouted Jason and told him to get it! He ended up putting a cup over it so it could run away because it was dark. One of the kids must of shouted us before he had the chance to pick it up so we forgot about it.This morning when i went to get the hoover i saw it still there ( the plastic cup was coloured so i couldn't see it) i was soooo scared to lift it up incase it came at me. In the end i braved up and slowly lifted the cup expecting a giant spider to run at me. IT WAS PLASTIC... !! omg i nearly died laughing when i realised it wasn't moving. I text Jason and he believe it because he though it was real too haha. It was from when i did the spooky fruit with the boys, I can't believe we didn't notice!! They have been all over the house too from being played with and they are so obviously fake... think it was because it was dark ;)

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I've just read this article by lovemyvouchers* on the 10 most annoying people on facebook. I think most people who have a baby can relate to number 3 lol. The main thing i post on fb is pictures is pictures of the kiddies, although not 10 a day..maybe ever few weeks lol I'm more of an instagram user! 

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