25 October 2013

Emme's first time swimming...

*For some reason the pictures of my amazing swim suit wont load so i will have to re take them :( 
This is the Goddess Boyleg Swimsuit i wore :) i love it.
While we were on holiday last month we wanted to take Emme and the Boys swimming for the first time. I knew Emme would love it and it was the perfect opportunity. Before we went away in September i hadn't been swimming for years. I never felt comfortable enough. I was always looking for that perfect swimsuit but never seemed to be able to find what i wanted. Just before our holiday i came across Beach cafe a website full of gorgeous swimwear and found the perfect Seafolly 1950's style swimsuit. Black, flattering neckline, ruched at the front (helps with the slimming effect;) ) and the legs are shorts! I love it! I'm sure if i hadn't of found that exact one id of given in again and not gone! 
Emme absolutely love being in the water in her little seat, she was splashing and kicking her little feet. The boys thought it was amazing too, we hadn't taken them before because i knew they wouldn't have got it the water, they would of hated it but they are at the age now where they understood more and knew what was happening and that it was a fun thing. They went down the slide a million times which surprised me too. We are going to be going alot more now we know how much all three love it. One thing ive always wanted to teach them is how to swim, i feel like its one of them things you need to be able to do and learn while your young. 
How old were you when you learnt to swim?



  1. She is so cute!!
    We started taking our oldest when he was 10 weeks old, and he loves it, the little one does too. I'm a rubbish swimmer so really want both of my boys to be good at it! x

  2. What a total cutie! I am yet to take vinny swimming but I can't wait x
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  3. Aw she looks adorable! Sadly, I never learnt to swim properly, I did manage a couple of lengths a few times when I was about 7 but I lost my confidence and even though I technically can swim, I never quite manage it. I'll definitely be making sure Oscar can swim as I really wish I'd learnt when I was little before I got scared of the water! xx

    Ozzy Was Born - Baby Blog


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