11 October 2013

Emme's first shoes..

Clarks | £24
Last week while Jason was off work i decided i wanted to get Emme's feet measured and some shoes that would help her learning to walk as shes started standing up and taking steps with her walker. I always see so many cute shoes for her but never know what size to get so for her first 'proper' pair of shoes i wanted to take her somewhere i trusted to fit her properly. 
I originally wanted to get her some white shoes so they would go with everything, or pale pink but to be honest there wasn't much choice at all.I had the choice of two pairs that were in her size, these and some plum comes although when she tried them on they were too big. 
She was measured at a 3.5 G. She isn't walking yet she got some pre walkers which are not as hard on the bottom as the walkers. As they are pre walkers they gave her a bit of extra space in the shoes.If you feel where her toes are there is still alot of growing space in them which is good because i know they will last her a while.
I can't find the ones she had on the website but they were suppose to be £24 luckily i live round the corner from an outlet ( Junction 32) so they were only £16 in store. 



  1. Well these are rather adorable! I cant wait to get Vinnys first pair x
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. Aw how sweet! We went to an outlet too so Sienna's were only £14! Need to get more! haha X


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