31 October 2013

Emme's First Pumpkin...

We did our pumpkin carving yesterday ready for tonight, the boys have decided they are taking their pumpkins to nana's as we go trick or treating around there every year with all their cousins. Its so much fun for all 7 of them to get together and have some spooky fun. 
Emme absolutely loved the pumpkins, she went crazy when i let her have a look. She got all excited and banged on it. She is definitely ready for next year so she can get stuck in and help.Jake and Cambell loved designing how they wanted them to look. Both going for different things.Jake has never really liked getting messy so he wasn't as into getting all the seeds out as Cambell. They have been playing with them all day!
We are going to get dressed up and go to my sisters (lots of new goodies have arrived for the website eekkk) then when it starts to get dark we will all go to my mums. I  LOVE Halloween!!! 

Happy Halloween!!

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