7 October 2013

Emme's 9 Month Update!!

Emme turned 9 Month yesterday...i just cant believe it, this year is flying by. 
She seems to get getting alot stronger really quickly shes gone from just learning how to crawl to been able to stand herself up!!  I definitely think shes going to be walking earlier than the boys did. We went and got her her first 'proper' shoes today. She has other ugg type and pump shoes but i wanted to get her a pair of clarks shoes to help her now shes standing up. I will do a post showing the ones we went with later this week although there wasn't really much choice. I really wanted to get her feet measured because i had no idea which size to order her when i buy other shoes too. At the minute she is a 3&1/2 G!
She cut she top teeth last week too :), finally after weeks and weeks of them trying to come down.
She is still in size 4 nappy's, still sleeping through the night. We  have just moved her on the the 6 month+ milk now shes eating more... i didn't think to do it earlier as she was happy with her other milk but i don't think shes even noticed its been changed!
She crawls all over now, if she sees something she wants she will g get it lol and she just finds something to hold on to and stands herself up so easily! Its crazy how fast they learn things!!

I cant belive its 10 month next!! So close to a year!!



  1. Aw so precious, its going so quick isnt it. Vinny is 7 months today I cant believe it! Where does the time go!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. It goes way too fast! Soon she'll be off to school with her brothers;)

  3. Aww she is adorable. They grow up so fast.


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