4 October 2013

Birthday surprises...

It was my birthday on Monday! (30th September :) ). After a crazy weekend at the baby and toddler show i was  looking forward to doing nothing but relaxing all day....apart from the 3 trips to school and back ugh! Jason was back at work which is typical! I don't think hes had my birthday off work since he started working. It always seems to drop on that hes back on days. 
He had left me my card down stairs, the boys were so excited that it was my birthday so they couldn't wait to get down stairs to open my card they had wrote for me :). Jason left me a little note inside my card saying my present would be delivered that morning!! .... I had no idea what it was at all! I couldn't wait to open it once it arrived! 
Then on the night my mum & dad called over with a birthday cake for me and Jason came home from work with a Chinese.... my fave! 



  1. Gorgeous watch! I love Ice watches. Sucks that Jason had to work :( My boyfriend is a chef and my birthday falls on Valentines day, so you can imagine it is near impossible for him to get it off. I am getting used to it mind you but sucks none the less! x


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