10 September 2013

Two 4year olds!

Yesterday was Cambells 4'th Birthday!! 
He has been excited for his birthday for so long, he was up super early to open his presents. He's really excited that hes the same age as Jake now...for a few weeks. He keep say 'Jake I'm four same as you,i caught you up!'We played some games in the morning but he had nursery in the afternoon, the school he is at is brilliant for the little ones on their birthdays. The get area with balloons and a sign with happy birthday and a picture. Then they have a birthday chair that you can only sit on when its your birthday which they love because they feel special only they can sit on it. The they bring a card, picture of them self, certificate and bookmark home.Then after school we played lots of birthday games like pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey :).  It was a really fun day, he loved it :) I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!
Jake's birthday is on the 26th of September so i have a few weeks of having 2 four year olds :).
2nd birthday
3rd birthday

Laura xx

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  1. You got some gorgeous kids!! Look like your boy had a great birthday, so sweet



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