11 September 2013

Little Bird Told me..

Little Bird Told Me | £40 

I've been wanting to do a post on Emme's mobile for a while but I just could get a picture I was happy with to show how beautiful it is. Emme's cot is currently in our room so the back ground isn't all her pretty pink room and the minute like i would of liked. I looked everywhere for the perfect moblie to go with Emme's room while i was pregnant but i couldn't find what i was looking for. I really wanted to go for a wood one as i think they look really pretty. As soon as i set this up and layed Emme in her cot she LOVED it! she would smile and lay and watch the butterfly's. If i turned the sound on she falls to sleep by the time its finished playing. 
Everything on the site i love, it is all the style of baby items i am into... fabric & wooden. I would seriously buy the while site if i could! The softy snail infant rocker is so cute!They have the cutest Rocking horse's i really want to get Emme the Ruby & Belle one for Christmas it's so girly and pink. If you are pregnant or have a little one definitely have a look through the site. It will be prefect for Christmas gifts! 

Laura xx


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