21 September 2013

Isle of wight... (Video)

On jasons grandads bench

This last week we've been at the Isle of wight....again. I love going back so much :) I'm going to do a post with more pictures once i get them uploaded to the computer but i feel like i haven't posted in so long i wanted to get something up! We Stayed at Lower hyde in a chalet like we do every year (its 2 minutes away from Jason's family) This year was so good for the boys, now they are older they enjoy everything so much more. We went into the club every night and they has so much fun dancing to the songs and seeing sparky and sparkle ( i am now stuck with the madness of mayhem and Sparkys crew club songs in my head!!) We went to the needles, Amazon world, dinosaur world and lots of other places. I made a video of the holiday for they boys to watch ( and Emme when shes older) as they love watching the ones from when we went when they were younger. 

Link to the video Here

Laura xx

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  1. glad you had a lovely holiday and I love the idea of a video so that the children can watch and remember what they did :)


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