24 September 2013

Emme's 8 Month update!

Headband from The Bow Boutique

This post is so late! I've been so busy this month with The Bow Boutique and with us been on holiday (can't wait to go back!) I Can't believe Emme is nearly 9 month! 
*She is still sleeping though the night.
*Eating alot more different foods.
*She can easily sit herself up from laying down.
*In size 4 nappys.
*Just started putting her in her 9-12 month clothes although they are still too big ( i couldn't wait, they were too cute!) 
*She has such a fun, cheeky personality!
*In my last update she wasn't sitting up on her own yet but she can now easily sit up which she started doing on the 25th August so a month ago a week or two before she turned 8 month.
* She can now CRAWL too!!! She did it for the first time on Saturday night, the day after we got home from Isle of wight! I really though she would of started while we were there as she had been trying so hard the week before. I'm so excited for her although it does mean i have to move EVERYTHING out of reach now for the next year so she can break anything aghhhh! 

Laura xx


  1. Oh my god. She's so cute!! And its so exciting she's started to crawl. I don't think Millie is far off sitting up now so it'll be crawling next! :)


  2. Ahh Emme is so adorable!! Love her little headband. Fortunately Ozzy is a few months off crawling yet, he hasn't even mastered rolling over but I know he's going to be into everything! xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  3. She is such a doll, our babies are growing too fast vinny will be 7 months on the 7th eep!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  4. Such an adorable picture! She is so cute!


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