28 August 2013

Sleeping on a cloud!

Topper | £80
How comfy does this look!!! 
I had wanted a mattress topper for so long, really glad we finally have one it is soo comfy. I cant get over how puffy it is. This one is the Ultimate microfiber with silk from the Duvet and pillow warehouse in king size. We have had it a few weeks now and i love it! Its still puffy which i was worried about, i thought it might flatten out after it had been slept on a few days but so far its still perfect. I just give it a shake about when i change the bedding . Its makes the bed extra warm too so will be perfect going into winter :). 
If you've read this and have no idea what a mattress topper is , well... its a super comfy duvet like sheet that got on top of your mattress and under your fitted sheet and make it feel like your sleeping on a cloud!!
Id definitely recommend having a look at the D&P warehouse if your looking for bedding as the prices are really good  for the quality! I want everything from there now especially some new pillows!

Laura xxx


  1. Looks amazing, I might have to get one for our bed too. Especially now that its getting colder.



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