9 August 2013

My Photo Book...

PhotoBook | £34
A few months ago i received a money of voucher for CEWE Photobook so i have put together my own photobook. I have wanted a photo book or ages i think they look great and are perfect for keeping your pictures together knowing one isn't going to fall out and get lost like with normal photo albums. I have that many pictures on my computer and i always forget to get them printed off because i never remember to take my memory card shopping with me. Doing a photo book online means i can use upload them and don't have to bother messing around. 
I uploaded all the pictures from Emme's first few months and then alot of pictures i had of the boys that i didn't want to lose. When your setting up your book you can choose what writing you want on the from along with the layout of the cover picture/s. Same with the inside depending on the lay out you pic you can have bigger pictures or more smaller pictures.I went for the 8 picture layout as i had alot of pictures i wanted to get in the book.Then on the back i chose a full size picture of Emme. 
The website was really easy to use...even for me!and the pictures have printed really well.I have the large A4 size which i think has 26 printing pages. The have just brought out a huge 154 page book! This would maybe just about fit all my pictures, definitely on my Christmas list! 

Laura xx


  1. What a really fun way of getting all your photos together. Its a modern day photo album. Its on my Xmas list too! They would make great gifts for Family.
    Oh & your kids are adorable

  2. Awww this is a lovely book! I think I'll be getting one! X



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