21 August 2013

Kiddy Click and Move 3 - Pushchair Review...

Kiddy Click & Move 3 | £275 
Height adjustable handle ranging from 84cm to 118cm
✓ Comfortably padded 5 point harness system 
✓ Adjustable 3 positions forward and parent facing
✓ Large Sunshade with integrated window, extended forward
✓ Built in umbrella in the safety bar which is also removable
✓ Spacious shopping basket with zip compartment. Max 5kg
✓ Removable front and rear wheels no tools needed
✓ Easy to use brake. Only one foot needed

A few months ago i was very kindly sent the kiddy click and move 3 pushchair to review. I was really excited about getting to try out a new pushchair, when it comes to pushchairs most mums can be like men with cars....it has to be perfect! I have certain things i look out for when I'm wanting a new pushchair. After having tired out different ones in the past when the boys were younger when it came to picking a pushchair for Emme i has a list of what i wanted from a pushchair. This one ticks all the boxes! One of the main things for me if not the main is parent facing and forward facing. With Jake the pushchair i used had a carrycot and when he had out grown that which was quite quickly it went to forward facing which i hated! i felt he was too young and i just wanted to be able to see him so i knew he was OK. The Kiddy click and move 3 has both parent and forward facing which gets a huge tick. It nice to have the option of which way you can face your child, as they get older they like to be able to look around too.

Another thing for me is the design. Its not too heavy either i can easily lift it into the boot of the car without a problem. I do find it annoying having to take the chair of the chassis every time its taken down (i always use it rear facing) but i think most pushchairs are like that now... mainly for saving space. I know with most if you having it forward facing its ok to leave it on so I'm guessing this is the same. The pushchair easily fits into out car boot but i can see it been a problem if you have a small car as it isn't the smallest so i would definitely take measurement fits if you are going to need to take it places. The wheels do come off thought to save on extra space which is really good. The wheels are also lockable at the front to make it easier to go through rough terrain.

The brake on the click and move is really good. I love that is one easy pedal. It works straight away and hold really well on hills.We have a big hill on the way to the boys school so I've been able to test it out alot when I've need to stop on they way.

Another thing that gets a huge tick for me is how big the basket is underneath. I love it! We also have the quinny buzz(love this pushchair) and my only problem with it is how crappy the basket is. When the boys do pictures at school they want to put them in the basket on the way home and they fly out as its so small. With the Click and move 3 the basket is huge and has a zip so nothing can fly out with the wind or fall out going up and down curbs. Its definitely the best basket Ive had on a pushchair.

The Shade/Hood is really big too which is great for keeping the sun out of Emme's eyes or the rain/wind from getting to her as its extra long. It also has a built in rain cover in the safety bar is is such a good idea. No more having to remember to take it with you and it doesn't take up extra space in the basket. Just unzip the safety bar and pull down the hood and your baby is covered!
The chair is really spacious too. It will definitely last a long time. Emme looks so comfortable in there. I think my 4 year old cold easily fit in the seat so if your looking for a pushchair for an older toddler this is a great one to go for. I love that it lays right back too even if you have it parent facing.

The only thing that I feel is not great about this pushchair is the handle is super long, i feel like I'm really far away from Emme. The actual handle is adjustable which makes it perfect if you are really tall as you can moved it so its really high and then it tucks right under for if your short. It would be great if there was a feature to adjust the long handle bar its attached on to a little so you could be closer.

Overall i think this is a really great pushchair and definitely worth the money. It has alot of really good features. Its really easy to push around, its spacious, folds up easy, front and rear facing, hidden rain cover, huge basket. I'm really impressed and i have enjoyed testing out the kiddy click and move 3.

You can buy the kiddy click and move online for £275.

Laura xx

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