7 August 2013

Emme's 7 month Update...

You really don't realise how fast time goes until you have a baby and see how fast they grow up. Emme turned 7 month old yesterday, its getting to the stage now were i cant remember her not being here but its still seems like its gone so fast! She has changed so much in the last month i think once they hit 6 month they learn alot more really quickly. 
*Emme is eating meals now , last month i was giving her pure fruit, rush biscuits and baby porridge but now she will eat more. I think i mentioned last month that i was really keen on BLW but i was too scared to do it because i was worried it would be easy for her to choke. I have been finding the balance between BLW and mashing her food. She will hold her banana herself which she loves. Then when she has her dinners i will give her mash and carrots or broccoli & cauliflower  etc mashed. She LOVES strawberry's! she has tired alot of different things now and so far seems to like everything we have tired. I like to make all her meals myself although when we were out of the house she has had a few of the Cow & Gate fruit pouches as they are 100%fruit they were great as she just sucked them out of the pouch.
*She is in 6-9 month clothes and size 3 nappy's so that's still the same as last month.
*She isn't sitting on her own yet but i think she will be within the next few weeks.
*She can move herself around, if i lay her in her cot while i get dressed she will be upside down at the other end by the time im finished lol.
*She still sleeps through the night and will have a nap around 10ish after breakfast then she has been having a big nap in the afternoon for around 2 hours.
*Still only has 2 teeth, they seem to becoming through really fast but she hasn't cut any others yet.

How are your little ones doing?Are they sitting up yet?if they are how old were they?

I currently have a giveaway running for you to win a Bibisili bib. They are great bibs if you are weaning, as im letting Emme hold her own food alot of it would end up on the floor if it wasnt for her Bibisili bib! ENTER HERE!

Laura xxx


  1. couldn't believe when i read the title! seems like only yesterday you announced you were pregnant! time goes way too quick! x

    1. Crazing isnt it! shes growing up way too fast! hope your ok hun :) xx

  2. Chloe will be 5 Months this Saturday!! It's crazy!


    1. Wow! doesnt seem 2 minutes ago you found out you were pregnant! xx

  3. Ah she is lovely Laura. My son Charlie is one next week - absolutely crazy how fast the time has gone!x


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