19 August 2013

Daily posts?

I have decided that im going to start and do daily post for the next month...hopefully longer. I used to find it really easy to find time to sit down on a night and post everyday. Its one of my favourite things to do and once i put once post up i want to sit and put posts up all day constantly. Since we started setting up The Bow Boutique i have been so busy, as soon as im done on a night my eyes are closing but i love blogging! We go away to the isle of wight again next month so im going to blog everyday up until we go, the internet isnt good where we stay so i probably wont be able to get on as often as i like while im there but im going to video it all again like i did last time. Its so crazy watching those videos back and seeing how small Jake and Cambell were. They have grown and changed so much, the boys love watching it back. I wish i could do daily vlog and have there whole lifes recorded. 

Laura xx

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