22 July 2013

HD Brows Bronzer....

I've been using the HD Brows Bronzer for the last month or two and i love it. I wasn't sure if i wanted to put it in a favourite's post or do a post on on its own. The bronzer is really pigmented and doesn't have any orange tones to it. You would think it's easy to find a bronzer without orange tones as no one likes an orange face but its actually quite hard alot i have tried i hated. Before trying the HD Brows bronzer i had been using Mac's Harmony as a contour as it was the best i found without the orangey look....and its a blush not actually a bronzer. After i had mine a few weeks i went to do my make up and the powder was all broken up into little bits, i was gutted. I'm guessing some little fingers had got into my make up bag and dropped it :(. It is really soft so im guessing that's when it broke so easy but i have still been using it daily, i just have to be careful and light handed with it being so pigmented. 
I would definitely repurchase when it runs out.

Laura xx


  1. This looks similar to the Fake Bake one i'm using at the moment, love it!

    Kerry X

    1. ooo i want to try the fake bake one!.. addicted to bronzers lol xx

  2. I didn't even know HD brows made bronzer. It looks great.I use the brow palette daily, so would definitely try another of their products. xx


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