10 July 2013

Emme's first doll!...Little us dolls

Little us doll | £9.99

Emme recently got her first doll Millie. She loves her, i can see my house been full of dolls soon. Millie is one of the four Little us dolls each has the own style and personality which is so fun to match one up to the style of your little girl. Millie is a tom boy so not quite like Emme..shes all dress'es a girly things at the minute haha but shes very cute and cuddley. They all come with a little description about their personality. They would be a perfect present if you looking for a birthday gift for a little girl. 

 I'm Millie and i don't like dresses, princesses or fairies. I love playing outside and playing with the boys so i can run and climb and play hide and seek.

I'm Amelia i am a little bit shy, i like to read my books and look after my animals especially if they are poorly. When i grow up i am going to look after all the poorly animals and make them all better.

I'm Chloe and I like everything Pink. I also like singing and dancing all the time and i love playing dress up. When i grow up i am going to be a princess or fairy.

I'm Ruby and my mummy says i'm a little Diva. Sometimes i get into trouble for talking too much or maybe being naughty, but i like being a grown up and when i am older i am going to be just like mummy.

Laura & Emme :) 

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  1. lAw these remind me of Glitter Babes i used to collect from Boots! haha! I still have them all to pass onto Sienna x


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