8 July 2013

Emme's 6 Month update!...

Half a year!! half a year... how fast has the time gone?! 
Emme seems to be growing up so fast, alot has changed this month. 5 month - 6 month is where you see alot of things happening i think. She has started on solids which she is loving! i have mainly been doing porridge and fruits and she has tried some sweet potato.
She has two teeth! her bottom two have finally cut through and seem to be growing really fast now. She seemed to be teething for ages before came but she wasn't very fussy about it she would just chew everything!
She said 'dada' last week for the first time! her first word! Jason was so happy! 
Today she said 'mama' eeekkk .
She is still sleeping through the night, i lay her in her cot after her last bottle as she will go straight to sleep, shes always been really good and being able to sleep by herself. Bed time is 8 and she wakes up around 8 which is perfect, im usually wake before her now which is crazy lol.
Still in size 3 nappy's and ive just started her in 6-9month clothes.
She doesn't sit up on her own yet... how old was your baby when they were able to sit unsupported?
I keep meaning to get the boys books out and look up their ages!

Laura xxx

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  1. Awwww she's soooo cute! I love reading your posts about Emme so that I know what to expect over the next couple of months with Tyne :)

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