19 July 2013

Over the last few weeks i have been trying out the Black Et Blanc Mycrolator with filtered oils. If you haven't heard of it before the mycrolator is less scary version of the Dermaroller... a device with needles that is rolled over the skin. The Mycrolator is like the baby version with 16 tiny mini needles.
You Stamp the mycrolator gently over clean skin (avoiding thin areas, eg under eyes). The tiny needles penetrate the top dead layer of skin allowing the oils to reach in and work their magic. 
I know hearing needles may sound scary..it did to me but i wanted to really give my skin a boost, the are tiny and you cant really feel anything at all. After using the needles you cleanse your face again before using the oils. It leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed like I'm doing something special for my skin.Perfect for what your wanting a bit of pampering.

Here's a little about Black Et Blanc.
Black et Blanc are a UK based company who make all their own products.
Most oils and creams are not absorbed into the skin but using Black et blanc Mycrolator it help the oils absorb and the beneficial effects are significantly enhanced. Each of the pack contains natural oils each intended or a specific skin type.

Oil 1 - Mature Skin: To enhance, glow and hydrate.

Oil 2 - Dry Skin: To maintain high moisture levels.
Oil 3 - Blemished Skin: Reduces small scars and acne marks.
Oil 4 - Sensitive Skin: Soothes easily irritated skin.
Oil 5 - Antioxidant Care: General use to keep skin healthy.

There are 2 kits available, the one i have which is the mini 3 pack and the larger pack which has 16 oils.

Laura xx

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  1. Oo this is SO interesting to me, i have seen a demonstration of the derma roller on my old boss and wanted it done! She had great results! I'll have to check this out :)


    Kerry X


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