27 June 2013

Magicbed | Travel cot..

Magicbed | £109
For most parents having a travel cot is an essential item whether it for a holiday or to use as a playpen as your child starts to be more mobile. We are going away for the week in September and i wanted to find a comfy travel cot for Emme to sleep in..and play in while we were there as well as at home. When the boys were younger we had a few travel cots (not at the same time) that i would use if they stayed at my mums for the night or i would let them play while i got some chores done. They biggest problem's i had with them is that the were really heavy, really hard on the bottom so i had to just a huge pillow as a mattress and they were awful to get up. Having to make sure you didn't put the middle too far down before the sides were locked in place. So this time round i was on the look out for an easier, lighter, comfier alternative.

After doing some research i found magicbed and fell in love with it. I was so excited when a few weeks later i received an email from they to review one of their travel cots! Their cot was designed my parents, and you can definitely tell as it had all the things you would wish for in a travel cot if you have used you of the regular travel cots before.

As soon as it arrive i opened it straight away as i was so excited about it. I wanted to test out if it was really as easy as i was expecting...it is! Its.... magical ;). It's so much lighter than others i have had in the past at 3.4kg. It comes in a carry bag which has a strap for you to carry over you arm which will be great when traveling. In the carry bag there is the cot it self folded up a super soft thick mattress and a fleece blanket that Velcro's to the bottom of the cot.

It literally takes seconds to put up! You just take off the strap and it pops up itself then you just need to pop the mattress in the slot under the bottom and lay the fleece blanket in the bottom and your ready to go! There is a pocket on either side of the cot one which can fit your mobile is you can you pop a lullaby on or i know alot of parents use the white nose app on there iphones.

I would definitely recommend the magicbed if you are on the hunt for something like this it is 100% the best one i had found and i love it so much.I have been i will continue until Emme is too big for it, use it daily as a play area and for nap times and it will be coming away with us in September. Its going to take up so much less space in the car!....More room for extra clothes ;).

The Magicbed is available from £59 for the smaller size and £109 for the bigger size and totally it! You can also get it in a range of different colours to suit you style i went for the spotted pink.

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