11 June 2013

Home sweet home & Afternoon tea ....

Femme de Pivot

I recently upgraded from an iphone 4 to an iphone 5 which means all my phone cases no longer fit. I came across Femme de Pivot a month or two ago and fell in love this there cases (along with there other cute products). I got the Afternoon Tea case from the Home sweet Home collection which is a really nice peach colour this one is rubbery and soft it sits really well on the phone and will protect the screen if it is layed on  the screen side and Precious Rose from the Love folk collection which is a harder glossy material they also came with a screen protector in each pace which was a nice extra.
They do cases for all different phones and ipads.
Femme de Pivot also have a iphone app with wallpapers to match there phone cases and calenders which is free. ( search Femme de Pivot wallpapers in your app store).
Home sweet home- $20. Love folk- $25.


  1. These are such cute phone cases hun!
    I'm in love with the Precious Rose Case, It's gorgeous reminds me of Winter actually!

    Stefy | www.stefypuglisevich.com
    TWEET ME @Stefpuglisevich

  2. These are so cute. I wonder if they do them for Blackberry?

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again this weekend

    Laura x x x

  3. These are both so pretty, I love the detailing on the edge. x


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