6 June 2013

Emme's First Food | Baby's First..

On Friday i decided it was time to let Emme try some food. Now shes 5 month she seemed ready. I know the 'guideline' at the minute is 6 months and i was planning on waiting until then but i feel that as a mum being around your baby everyday you know when your baby is ready and every baby is different. When i had Jake the health visitors guideline then was 4 months and when i my niece was born it was 3 months. I wanted to start her off on something small just so shes getting a little bit extra to fill her. She was taking 7oz each feed and starting to want them a little earlier. On the first day I gave her half a rusk mixed with some of her milk from her bottle on her afternoon feed, i didn't want to do it too close to bedtime incase she didn't take to it. I let her hold it and bite on it for a few minutes then i would brake it in half and add the milk and leave it to get soft while she drank her bottle. She didn't have it all maybe a quarter if that, even thought she was loving it i didn't want her to have too much. The next day i did the same again giving her half but at breakfast time and then at tea time, shes really enjoying it.When did your baby have there first food?

This time around I've heard so much more about baby led weaning and wanted to give it a go but I'm too scared of chocking! Have you done BLW? or did you puree? I did all puree with the boys until they were a little older.

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  1. I really like the idea of baby led weaning too but same as you, scared of her chocking although i guess if you're watching her, you can make sure she's not taking too big bites etc. Emme looks so cute here and I think Millie may want more food sooner than 6 months too!


  2. I really dont know what to do :/ i might puree until shes a little older and give her finger foods as i go until shes a little older :/ xx

  3. Aww bless her! I can't wait for Tyne to start weaning, mainly coz I want an excuse to munch on leftover rusks!!

    I'm just going to wait and see when I think Tyne is ready. Like you say, like with everything else the advice on when to do it changes all the time so I think its best to follow your instincts

    Sparkles &



    1. haha everyone loves a good rusk :)
      Yes everything is always changing i ws told different about everything for each of mine and the boys were only 11 month apart! same with pregancy with the boys were wernt aloud to touch nuts and with emme they said i was alout to eat them! xx

  4. Lovely baby and beautiful pics:). She's so cute!



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