3 June 2013

Chi Chi | Florida Dress...

Chi Chi Florida Dress | £48.99

Today i thought id do a little outfit post as im wearing one of my favourite dresses. The sun has decided to come out again so its the perfect time to get the dresses out from the back of wardrobe.Jason is off work so we are going to drop the boys at school and do a bit of shopping. I've just topped my denim jacket over to make it look a bit more casual as it is quite dressy.
I am totally in love with the Chi Chi dresses, they are so well made and the material is quite think so they do feel like high quality dresses. The florida dress has quite a few layers on the bottom which makes it flow and helps it sit well. Their is so much detail on the dress which makes it so pretty .Chi Chi have some amazing dresses on their website, especially if you are looking for a prom dress or maybe your going to a wedding or event its definitely worth checking out. The have some gorgeous new dresses they have just got in, the Kenna dress is really nice.

If you like their facebook page you get £1 off your order too.

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  1. Cute dress x


  2. You look beautiful! This dress looks fab, unfortunately I didn't have such a great experience with my Chi Chi order and had to send it back but I love how you've styled this with the denim jacket, stunning! :)

    Fiona @ www.dolly-dowsie.blogspot.ie

    1. Thank you :) oh no what happened? xx

    2. The dress I ordered looked lovely on the website but when I got it it was a tacky looking thing that would give the girls from Gypsy Weddings a run for their money. It was supposed to be cream but it was a horrible off champagne colour with rhinestones all over the bodice and netting material on the skirt. Returned straight away!


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